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Setting up email accounts, accessing cPanel, etc.

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Common questions including links to our terms of service

Troubleshooting (2)

Tips and tricks to fix common problems

Most Popular Articles

 What are the terms of service for shared hosting accounts on Straight Arrow?

Terms and Conditions   This Web Hosting Agreement is between Straight Arrow Hosting...

 Setting Up Secure FTP Access

We take pride in having a secure hosting platform and as such our FTP server uses TLS encryption...

 How do I transfer a domain name to my StraightArrowHosting account?

1)  Go to your current registrar and unlock the domain. 2)  While logged in to your...

 How can I access my hosting account's control panel?

Follow this link to visit your products and services detail page.  Select the "View Details"...

 Why is my site down?

If you are unable to access your website using its normal address please go through the following...

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