Setting Up Secure FTP Access

We take pride in having a secure hosting platform and as such our FTP server uses TLS encryption to protect your login information and data during transfer.  You will need to set your FTP client software to use FTP plus TLS encryption in order to properly log in and transfer files. 

To connect to your account to transfer files connect to using FTP with TLS (on some clients it may be called FTP with SSL).  When you first log into the server you may receive a scary looking security certificate popup box.  This is normal and is expected.  The server has just sent your FTP client a special encryption certificate that it will use to communicate without the risk of anyone else being able to see your information.  Click continue or accept in that popup box.  At this point you should be able to access your files without difficulty.

If you are able to log in but cannot see the files or if the system disconnects you then you do not have your FTP client set to use TLS encryption correctly.

Straight Arrow Hosting recommends Filezilla for use as a free FTP client that is easily set up to work with the secure system.
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